Wacky Flannelwearing Inflatable Arm flailing Deathcore Men – Deathcore Sucks

I think one of the main reasons for me starting this blog is because of last saturday. I’m in a gothic/power metal influenced band named Star-Crossed and we were booked to play in a “metal” show. The parentheses are pretty disticnt. Thoughout the last decades, metal has made a big impact on society and the true meaning of metal is pretty vague in my honest opinion. Ironically though, in my mind i have a clear definition. Metal means life. Unfortunately, life is dying and it is quite sad.

There are so many forms of metal. I know there is an annoying stereotype of violent kids wearing black, screaming, possessed, loud, and simply, weird, musicians. However, contrary to popular belief metal is absolutely nothing like that. You can often hear virtuoso guitarist and pianists in power metal, classically trained operatic singers in gothic metal, powerful drummers in thrash metal, haunting atmospheres and soundscapes in black metal, music theory inclined musicians in progressive metal, and amazing composers in symphonic/orchestral metal.

As always, America corrupts the essence of metal. In our beloved country, metal has died and has been replaced by metalcore and other cores, and nu-metal. In modern mainstream “metal”, as they call it, all you hear are annoying screams, overly distorted guitars, and violence.  So anyway, as I was saying when I went to perform at my “metal” show, I was digraced by what  saw. Almost everyband was deathcore. The vocalists were cursing at the audience: “CoMe one yOu mothafuckaas fukin let do diss ShitT fUck bitches IlL fuck yur! mom!@”. I mean seriously… One band in particular had two, yes two, vocalists inhale screaming…they sounded the same. I didn’t understand the logic there. The funniest part, however, was the hardcore dancing, or at least thats what the called it. Let me first say that this is NOT moshing. This is, as the term describes, hardcore dancing. The immature kids were stopming around flailing there arms, while wearing flannel plaid shirts. They reminded me of the girl in Salem Village. The first rule of moshing is to not mosh into somone who isnt moshing. Yet, they were bumping into the audience.

One of them swung his arm into my friends, Chang. Unfortunately for him, Chang didn’t take that to kindly. FIGHT!!! After they were broken up one of them had the nerve to say “whe3rE aRe you goIing? CoM3 here and fiGhtT. Th4ts what met4l is abOoOut!!”. Metal is about fighting? Is this what it has come to in this country?

If you wanna hear the idiot band playing: http://www.myspace.com/agnathia

For those of you wondering…Let me show you the difference between true metal and core.



That day changed my life. The nest day, I wrote an angry letter to Jersey Shows, the guys who organized the show, yelling at them about not mixing deathcore into metal shows. I’m waiting for the reply.

I swear to bring back true metal to this forsaken land.


~ by Dreamflights on November 30, 2009.

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